Established Florida Attorney Advises Unions and Their Members

Knowledgeable labor lawyer strives to protect the rights and benefits of workers in the Coral Gables area

At Teri Guttman Valdes LLC, I am a committed advocate for unions and their members. My knowledge of federal and Florida labor laws and union issues makes me a strong ally for my clients, helping them to achieve favorable outcomes for their cases. I advise union leadership on organization, policy and practices for daily operations, and I ably represent unions in disputes with employers. I offer skillful guidance during collective bargaining, arbitration proceedings and more. In addition, workers across Florida can rely on me for trustworthy support during workplace discrimination suits.

Hardworking counselor advises union leaders on operations and arbitration

I understand that union leaders want to provide the best conditions for their members. I am able to help clients with union formation, elections, structure, procedures, human resources concerns and more. I also provide legal support during conflicts with employers over:

  • Employer breach of contract — If an employer fails to deliver on the terms of their agreement with a union, workers may suffer. My office helps unions hold employers accountable for their promises, looking out for workers' best interests throughout any negotiations that occur.
  • Compensation — When it comes time to argue for better compensation or take action against an employer for failing to pay union members properly, I will develop a thorough strategy to help achieve a favorable outcome.
  • Working conditions — Unsafe working conditions are a threat to everyone. Union members should not be expected to put themselves at risk without safety practices put into place. I work diligently in support of workers’ rights and also handle unfair labor practice proceedings.

During arbitration and hearings before the National Labor Relations Board, I am a staunch supporter of unions. You can rely on Teri Guttman Valdes LLC for consistent and solid guidance.

Dedicated attorney advocates for employee safety and fair treatment

If you were injured on the job, I can help you present evidence of the incident and your injury to paint a clear picture of the circumstances surrounding your accident. I also represent union workers who have faced discrimination, helping them to seek the remedy they deserve.

As a union-friendly lawyer, I am proud to advise union members and their families. I also counsel workers on a wide range of additional labor issues, including their eligibility for certain benefits during a strike.

Contact a determined Florida attorney to represent your labor union

Teri Guttman Valdes LLC provides reliable employment law guidance to unions and their members. Call me at 305-677-0537 or contact me online to schedule your free initial consultation at my Coral Gables office.